Stability tests

These tests cover a very wide range of water depths, some of the tests are in the range of DELOS experiments.

Model in the wave flume   Profiling the model with the laser profiler
Computer screen with the laser profiler data   Wave tests with submerged structure (non breaking waves)
Waves breaking over the submerged structure   Wave tests with emerged structure
Damage after a tests    

Flow tests

These tests have been carried out to obtain the pressure distribution around a pipe covered with a rubble mound structure. The water depth is higher than the range we will use for DELOS experiments, but these tests will provide data point for the calibration of the VOF model we will use in DELOS. Photographs show some of the techniques and tools we will use in DELOS tests.

Pipe installation   Core construction
Core installed   Secondary layer installation
Secondary layer installed   Armour layer installation
Model terminated   Flow measurements with waves



Last update:13/04/04